A Comprehensive Culturally Inclusive English Language Arts Study

Implement an inclusive 6-part secondary school literary curriculum supplemental resource that amplifies the authentic histories, cultures and perspectives of Afro-Caribbean Canadians. Study the mid-century journey of a Black Canadian immigrant as she navigates what it means to fight for survival and triumph.

Culturally Inclusive Resources

Canadian Black History Storylines

Wide Spectrum of Subjects

Interactive Learning Modalities

Curriculum design by Ontario educators

What Students Learn

Educational Benefits

Afro-Caribbean History

Increased awareness of how African, Afro-Caribbean, and Black people have shaped the Canadian landscape since the 1940s.

Black Migration

A deeper understanding of the challenges of immigrants as they strive for survival, inclusion, and equity.

Cultural Awareness

A study of the sights, sounds, and textures of Caribbean culture and how closely they are aligned to Africans, South Asians, and Latin America.

Equity and Inclusion for Black Migrants

Understand the historical context of the Black family structure, employment, and income. Examine the role of Black women and the challenges of equity and inclusion in North America.

Minority Fathers and their Children

Understand the influence of Black fathers in the lives of their children and celebrate their role in contributing to a highly competent, psychologically strong, and overall positive citizenry.

West Indian Geoeconomics and Environmental Impacts

Understand how geographical, economic, and environmental elements of the Caribbean play a role in the survivorship of its people and their decision to seek life elsewhere.

Study Plan

Part 1 – Morning Breeze

Areas of Focus

Introduction of Goddie, the protagonist

Caribbean history, development, and geography

Main character’s development and the dynamic family

 Impacts of Caribbean slavery in early 20th century

Part 2 – Pots and Pains

Explore Caribbean parent/child/sibling relationships.

Role of women in the early century.

Personal struggles for survival and starting over.

Impacts of racism during World War II.

Part 3 – Nine Night

Impacts of death, grief and loss in the family.

Bereavement funeral and mourning customs

Parental loss and customs

Cascading trauma in Caribbean families

Part 4 – Psalm 5

Understanding migration, struggle, betrayal

Leaving home and making hard life choices

Post-slavery indentured servitude and social classes

Part 5 – Windrush Baby

Explore the dynamics of starting life over

Breaking free from oppression

Migration to a new country.

The pain of leaving home to fight for survival.

Part 6 – The Arsonist

New immigrant survival.

Fractured families vs fortified friendships

Education brings economic stability to Black families

Navigating love in a new world.

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